Hooten – Premium Dutch Lager

Brewed in Holland

The Brewery

Bavaria is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands. Founded before 1680, it has been owned by the Swinkels family since 1773. The company, which produces seven hundred million litres of beer annually, is based in Lieshout, North Brabant….

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The Lager

Although the Dutch have been brewing since the 9th century, it was not until the 19th century that brewers began to adopt and develop new brewing sciences and practices that had been booming in other brewing centres of Europe.

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The Experience

Beer is a great match for food because of the complexity of its flavors, its ability to provide refreshment and to interact with many food flavors. Even before the meal, beer already is doing its work for food pairing as the hops stimulate the appetite.

When pairing beer and food, it all comes down to matching the food’s flavors to the flavors of the beers.

A steak & ale pie is a comforting classic…

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